The PowerHitter™
by on April 24, 2020

As a smoking device, our updated The PowerHitter™ is easy to use and is the quickest and easiest way to extract the maximum potential from a smoke without mess or hazard. The plastic bulb made of specially formulated food grade plastic materials has been re-engineered to hold a more condensed capacity of smoke (to hit harder) while preventing internal damage from the lit embers or ash that fall from a pre-roll.

The benefits from a safety perspective are two-fold. Firstly, you don’t have any issues with burns or fires that can come from smoking, especially for those who smoke before they fall asleep. On the other hand, the smoke directly goes from the device to your mouth or nose without touching anything.

The design of the device is such that you don’t need to actually touch the pre-roll or device to smoke, when you squeeze it a long straw of smoke comes directly from the bottle into your lungs. In this time of social distancing and virus avoidance The PowerHitter™ is a sanitary and safe way to share your smoke with loved ones without any fear.

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