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Help Buduana thrive and get a FREE The PowerHitter™ when you collect 300 Activity Points by simply sharing your vibrant, positive, awesomeness with the Buduana community!


How do I collect Activity Points?

  • 15 Points - When you intially sign up.
  • 15 Points - When you refer a friend.
  • 15 Points - When you upload a profile pic.
  • 15 Points - When you upload a cover photo.
  • 5 Points - When you create a group.
  • 3 Points - When you create a page.
  • 3 Points - When you log in.
  • 2 Points - When you add a friend.
  • 2 Points - When you leave a comment.
  • 2 Points - When you share content.
  • 2 Points - When you upload a photo.
  • 2 Points - When you add a video.
  • 2 Points - When you create a marketplace listing.


Where do I sign up?

You can sign up here.


How do I invite friends?

Invite friends by clicking "Invite" at the bottom of any page (login required).


How do I check my Activity Points?

All points are tracked and you can view them here (login required).


How do I get my The PowerHitter™?

You can order it here in the marketplace (login required).

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