Chuck Taylor
by on May 4, 2020

A Seattle-based company is bringing cannabis to a more sophisticated level with the "cannagar" weed cigar, and you can buy one for $420.

A new company is selling luxury cannabis cigars that cost $420 per piece. The same company also sells three and a quarter inch cigarillos priced at $110.  It is said to burn slowly, and the high it gives is amazing.

According to The Potlander, Seattle-based company Leira makes cannabis cigars that represent luxury, sophistication, and success. The company is famous for selling cigarillos, which are three and a quarter inch long cannabis cigars that contain four grams of flower covered in half a gram of rosin wrapped in cannabis leaves. While they've made a name for themselves with that product, their latest offering has people talking. Dubbed Corona, this weed cigar is a 6-inches long and burns for more than five hours. Corona contains 12 grams of flower, coated with three grams of rosin wrapped with cannabis leaves.

Leira has excelled in marketing Corona too. The company presents the cannabis cigar in a glass jar sealed with purple wax. The luxury cigar brand posted a long video that contains instructions on how to cut and light the cannagars (cannabis cigar). According to Leira, you will need a cigar cutter and a butane lighter.


Both of them contain 100% cannabis, making it the purest experience you will ever have. However, these cannagars aren’t for everyday use and are meant only for special occasions. These cannagars are also extremely light weight, meaning if you smoke them like you smoke a joint, you will burn your mouth.

Ariel Payopay, the creator of Leira Cannabis Cigars, said he saw his first cannagar on Instagram from afgoo_head and was blown away by how wonderfully he rolled the joint. Payopay was inspired to create a process where one doesn’t need to tie the joint with a string since it gives a rough texture. He wanted to replicate the neat look of tobacco cigars. At first, it took Payopay three to four hours to roll up a cigar but now does it within an hour.

Is it worth paying $420 for a cigar? That's for the user to decide, but this could open the door for more "high end" marijuana usage, which could be interesting.

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